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"Great White" Named


Rathmor Stud's "Great White" colt has been named Gran Blanco (translated as Great White in Spanish), after it was put out to the public via Rathmor's Facebook group to provide name suggestions for the unusually-coloured foal - snow white with chestnut ears.

The colt, born on 14 September by Kahal out of Perakeen by Rakeen, is a lovely individual and is already becoming a strapping little fellow. He has drawn attention the world over, with his rare colouring and markings not being the usual for a Thoroughbred, and Rathmor Stud have already recieved several offers for the colt.

Rathmor Stud will be giving regular updates on him as he grows. He is certainly going to be an interesting horse to follow and has the potential and pedigree to be an exceptional racehorse.

Mike McHardy of Rathmor Stud describes him as "a well grown substantial individual who has surprisingly fitted in with all the other mares and foals very well".

    At birth    Gran Blanco    

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